ultimate snowmobile vacation

Snowmobile Tour of Lac St-Jean

At a Glance

Trip Duration
4 days/5 nights
Experience Required
People Per Snowmobile
Trail Time
8 hours/day
Equipment Rental Available


Smooth trails of Lac St-Jean, ‘Mom and Pop’ lodging, varied terrain

The Region

A stunning region with a vast abundance of interconnected trails, Lac Saint-Jean captures the spirit of snowmobiling within the heart of Quebec. Starting from Quebec City, this tour ventures out into a core area of Quebec renowned for great riding matched with honest ‘Mom and Pop’ lodging. After over 40 years of experience on these very trails, we have come to know and love this region, returning year after year to the beautiful trails and our favorite inns that make a successful day of snowmobiling even better.

Scenery and Trails

With snowmobiling, there’s value in variety. Changes in terrain, surroundings, and scenery make for a dynamic trip that keeps you engaged and excited, and the trails throughout Lac Saint-Jean speak to this perfectly.

Broad open landscapes transition into sweeping wooded trails, allowing you to experience diverse trail types all in one day. Picturesque white birch trees are a signature characteristic of the region, lining trails with sensational views that feel both remote yet familiar.

Despite changes in the atmosphere around you, one thing always remains the same: hard snow packed trails. In these superb conditions, you can truly experience the capability of your snowmobile and appreciate the thrill of these great machines.

Québecois Lodging

Another unique feature of this tour is our commitment to supporting rustic inns and auberges, all of which are run by authentic, top quality people. These lodges and businesses have been built from the ground up directly for snowmobilers during the winter and fishermen/workers during the summer, making it their ultimate goal to leave you with a big smile and an unforgettable experience. These small, quaint destinations are often chef-owned and run by husband and wife; you may very well find them crafting each course in the kitchen, behind the bar, serving food, and overall entertaining guests. A great auberge cannot be overlooked - it is where people of all backgrounds gather together after a rewarding day of adventure, where new friendships grow amongst a delicious meal and a drink in hand.

Auberge Presbytere

Formerly a minister’s house, this warm inn features a bar known as the ‘Confessional.’

Relais des Hautes Gorges

This classic inn is run by a welcoming and friendly couple; the husband works his magic in the kitchen and the wife hosts and creates beautiful art for the walls.

Mont Vilain

This well-located outfitter features individual cabins and a large dining room run by engaging staff.

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