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Quebec snowmobile adventures for all abilities

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  • Quebec - the snow mobile capital of the world!!
  • Multi-day saddlebag tours
  • Professional guides
  • Casual to spirited pace ... you choose
  • Rustic to elegant lodging ... you choose
  • Small groups of similarly skilled riders
  • We turn a trip into an experience!
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A Bonvoyage Snow Adventures snowmobile trip in Quebec is the ultimate adventure experience. We guide small groups of people along the world’s best trail system for a multi-day tour of Quebec by snowmobile.

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Top level accommodations and unique winter activities, such as dog sledding and a tour of the Ice Hotel can add to the experience. Some prefer luxury with their adventure. Others want to be as close to nature as possible.

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Our trips utilize Quebec’s completely intergraded trail system to complete a circuit or loop, where every foot forward is new terrain and each night is spent at a different lodge. A winter safari is a great description. We offer a number of unique trips to choose from, with each offering a very different experience.

Our tours are usually “saddle bag trips”. This means that the participants clothing and gear is put in saddlebags that are attached to their snowmobile. This approach creates a distinct sense of adventure and accomplishment.

Our customers range from inexperienced to advanced riders. We build our trips with similarly skilled riders and limit the size of our groups. This is critical to ensuring an authentic experience.

Renting a snowmobile for one of our tours is very common. 2020 Ski-doo snowmobiles ranging from 60 – 165 horsepower are available for rent. The package includes a Quebec trail pass, helmet, boots and a complete set of warm exterior clothing.

Whether you choose a trip with gourmet food and high-end accommodations, a romantic getaway, a tour of the Gaspe Peninsula or a trip of aggressive riding, our approach to snowmobiling in Quebec turns a trip into an unforgettable experience.

Steve, New York

I had a terrific trip. The itinerary that you planned, and the route that Jeff chose was perfect. Jeff as our guide was perfectly suited for our group. Could not have asked for ore in our "adventure". Will be looking forward to making plans again this fall for 2020. Thank you!

Capt. Dan, Vermont

I'm still smiling. What an incredible week. Conditions were unbelievable and with snowmobiling that isn't always possible. Everything you told us back in September was true, from how important a support vehicle ca be to the morning meetings. Your wealth of knowledge of the area and to snowmobiling was first class. Bonvoyage Snow Adventures is a first class group, from the owner to the guides. None of us will forget Gary giving up his sled for a day so Dave could ride. That decision alone showed me what kind of peopleI was riding with and how important the customer was. We as a group had a great time and your leadership made out time out on the trail an unforgettable vacation. THANK YOU! Hopefully we can all stay in touch as we all have made new friendships. Anytime you're in the area stop in no inviation is needed. Thanks again.

Ben, New York

I am letting you know that we have all returned home safely after our outstanding trip. We couldn't be more pleased! The riding was amazing; our guide Jeff was equally outstanding. We all had a great, great time. We will definitely be back for a bigger trip soon.

Roland, Vermont

I believe I speak for the group when I say the trip was first class and great enjoyment for all of us. It was nice to see the fantastic scenery and awesome trail system. I will be giving Bonvoyage nothing but great press. Chris, you always gave us the feeling that you were putting our interest first and Gary, you are running a great service second to none. But the lasting impression you left with me was when you gave up your ride with your son so Dave could ride with his friends, a very first class move sir. Robert too was kind and treated us all very well. In closing, I got the feeling you enjpyed our company as much as we enjoyed yours. We all got the chance to let the trip be a memory of a life time. To the "Great Gaspe", where the trails are super highways paved with "WHITE GOLD".

Leon, Massachusetts

Gary, I want to express my thanks for facilitating the trip of a lifetime. As we rode along, and we always rode hard, I began to realize it is exactly as our guide Chris said, "It is not about the miles, it is about the smiles." I came for the riding but really enjoyed the company. Our group was exceptional, always jumped to help, always a great attitude and always a laugh over a beer at night. Our other guide Jean was very friendly and accommodating. The trails were amazing; the riding was challenging, and the trip amazing. I loved the change in venues from rustic to pampered. This trip is exactly as described, but had so many surprises. It tested man and machine, the intensity of the day matched by the laughs at night. Thanks again.

Matt from Connecticut

Seven days ago I showed up in Canada, met 5 strangers and rode 1205 miles on some of Canada's most northern trail system. Challenged with mechanical issues and human errors, we worked together to get back to where we started. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

Judy from Vermont

Gary is very well prepared, client focused & connected into the Quebec snowmobile infrastructure.

Beth from Wisconsin

We thought it would be a trip of a lifetime, but it may have to become an annual trip! Excellent experience - thrilling trails and scenery, fun people and great food. Gary and Denis are great hosts and guides.

Jay from Michigan

You put on a hell of a show Gary. Now that you know what we are made of, please start thinking about what next year’s trip will entail.

Dan from New Hampshire

As an FYI to anyone contemplating a trip like this...I highly recommend contacting Gary Pruitt of Bonvoyage Snow Adventures. Gary and his crew are true professionals and will give you the experience of a lifetime! For what Bonvoyage offers, you cannot do it on your own for the same price. I tried! Don't ask me how Gary does it, but he does and I cannot say enough good about him.

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