ultimate snowmobile vacation

The Gourmet Snowmobiling Tour - 5 Days

At a Glance

Trip Duration
5 days
Experience Required
People Per Snowmobile
One or Two
Trail Time
8 hours/day
Equipment Rental Available


World-class trails, upscale accommodations, adventurous cuisine, spectacular scenery

The Experience

A well-rounded trip in every aspect imaginable, the Gourmet Tour blends exceptional riding conditions with elevated dining experiences for an unparalleled snowmobile adventure. Our tours are the direct result of over forty years of exploration, searching for Quebec’s best groomed trails and most scenic areas. We believe that an adventure experience is achieved only when one ventures away from standard routes and offerings. The highlights of this trip are riding on expertly groomed trails through forests, fields and over stunning mountain ranges, matched by unforgettable evenings that unfold with unique Quebecois specialties and flavors. Whether navigating Quebec’s vast trail system or tasting a local dish, each new course is a step forward in discovering the beauty of snowmobiling in Quebec.

A common thread among our clients is their desire to experience an adventurous, unique, and well planned winter adventure, no matter their experience level. For beginner to experienced, we offer a three day, four day, and five day Gourmet Tour option which allows us to tailor an adventure according to your skill level. Our commitment to delivering an upscale snowmobiling trip remains the same across each tour. The Gourmet Tour is a complete package, including truly special lodging and dining, riding on an impressive twenty-thousand mile trail system, and the option of renting a current year snowmobile.

Auberge Lodging and Dining

A reasonable person might wonder, how are gourmet dining and snowmobiling related? Over the course of our travels in Quebec, we have discovered a number of memorable inns off the beaten path that have quickly become our trusted and favorite destinations. A closer look revealed that these inns, which are referred to as “auberges” in Quebec, offer exceptional cuisine in an upscale setting, the perfect balance of both polished and remote accommodations. For this tour we have chosen a handful of small inns, all of which offer a unique blend of rustic elegance.

Most of the auberges we visit are chef owned. Many of the chefs have been trained in France and prepare creative and inspired cuisine with a Quebecois’ twist. Some main course choices include duck, salmon, wild boar, moose, beef, chicken and pork. With a range of classic fare to more inventive recipes, there is something for everyone. The manner in which the offerings are prepared and presented is nothing short of exquisite. Typically, the group will have some interaction with the chef for explanation and information regarding the “menu du jour.”

Auberge du Ravage

A truly stunning sight after a day of snowmobiling, this grand hydro-powered log cabin invites riders in with a superb five course dining experience and a refined and rustic ambiance.

Auberge Carcajou

This auberge was hand built with timber felled from the property and features a central chimney used for baking and cooking in addition to heating.

Auberge des Trois Canards

Overlooking the Saint Lawrence River, this cozy accommodation is chef-owned with excellent food and service.

The Trails

The Trans-Quebec trail system is a comprehensive network of trails designed exclusively for snowmobile travel. The trails are wide and smooth, essentially a white highway made of snow. Hard packed trails and fantastic conditions are constant throughout varying wooded, open, and mountainous terrain, making each day of riding dynamic and engaging.

One region that is featured on this tour is Charlevoix, where changes in elevation and trails that weave through small quaint villages promise great photo opportunities. An abundance of deep snow makes for beautiful trails, great riding, and memorable scenery.

Monts Valin is another region that is highlighted on the Gourmet Tour and reveals the outback atmosphere and wilderness that Quebec is renowned for. With five months of snow each year, a high elevation, and a wealth of snow throughout the season, the trail conditions are simply fabulous.

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