The Great Gaspe

At a glance:

Trip duration: Six days/Seven nights
Experience required: Experienced only
People per snowmobile: One
Trail time: Eight hours per day
Equipment rental available: Yes
Highlights: World-class trails, eye popping scenery, challenging terrain, support vehicle for luggage

2019 The Great Gaspe Trip Itinerary

Great Gaspe Snowmobiling Trip
The Gaspe peninsula is located in eastern Quebec (north of the state of Maine) and runs roughly 400 miles from east to west and 120 miles from north to south. The blue line indicates the route for this trip.

Great Gaspe Snowmobiling Trip

The Chic Choc Mountains are located near the center of the Gaspe Peninsula and are heavily eroded with flat tops and steep sides. Large basins were carved into them by glaciers some years ago.

Twenty five mountains have peaks that are almost one mile high. As the trail threads its way up and down the mountains the views are stunning

The intersection of mountain and sea occurs frequently over the course of the tour. The Gaspe is considered by many to be the world’s most scenic snowmobiling.

Great Gaspe Snowmobiling Trip
Great Gaspe Snowmobiling Trip

Percé Rock (pierced rock) is a 1300’ sheer rock formation in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and located just off the eastern tip of the Gaspe Peninsula. It has one of the largest and most spectacular natural arches in the world. Viewing Perce Rock from the trail is part of what makes the Great Gaspe Trip special.

The terrain changes frequently over the course of the trip. From open field riding to weaving through the mountains to high speed runs through the interior of the Gaspe.

A trip of this magnitude relies upon the infrastructure of proper trail maintenance, good trail signage and safe bridges. The Gaspe really shines in these areas.

Great Gaspe Snowmobiling Trip
Great Gaspe Snowmobiling Trip

On the third day of the tour we pass through the region of Murdockville, which is known for generating enough power for 200,000 homes with massive wind turbines.

The interior of the Gaspe is known for abundant levels of snow. In fact, at various times in the past, we have had too much snow!

Security of a Support Vehicle:
Your luggage is transported by truck and enclosed trailer to the night’s destination, relieving you of the task of attaching baggage to your sled. Other benefits of the support vehicle are the ability to efficiently move sleds needing repair to the appropriate facility and allowing a trip participant the option of riding in the truck should a person become ill. Coordination throughout the day is made possible by GPS systems on both the support vehicle and the guides’ snowmobile. Communication is handled by satellite phone.

Great Gaspe Snowmobiling Trip
Great Gaspe Snowmobiling Trip

Leading the Tour:
A long distance trip is by its very nature is a real accomplishment when completed, but is not without risk. Our approach involves maximizing the experience while simultaneously minimizing risk. In this effort, there is no substitute for experience. We have learned many lessons over the years; some significant, others not so much. All of which when combined directly impact the quality of the trip.

The “standard” route around the Gaspe is trail 5, which hugs the coastline, however there are several points at which heading inland reveals flat and open terrain. One such area is called “piston alley”. Wonder why?

Great Gaspe Snowmobiling Trip

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