Snow Scooter Safari Tour

2019 Snow Scooter Tour Trip Itinerary

Trip duration: Four days/Five nights
Experience required: No Experience Required
People per snowmobile: One or two-up
Trail time: Seven hours per day
Equipment rental available: Yes
Highlights: World-class trails, natural experience, rustic chalet lodging

The machine called a “snowmobile” in North America is often referred to as a “snow scooter” in many parts of Europe. The name of this trip seemed to be a natural, as this trip has been designed to the tastes of our European customers.

Our customers wanted a multi-faceted winter experience, featuring rustic lodging, local food specialties and being amongst nature.

The most satisfying accommodations in the world are without much value if the terrain getting there is rough and difficult to navigate.

The Quebec trail system is a comprehensive network of signed, maintained and groomed trails, extending to the most wild and natural regions of Quebec.

Each night is at a different lodge. Some are accessible only by snowmobile in winter and generate their own electricity by solar, hydro, wind mill or generator.

After a full day of being outside in nature, a well-lit lodge is a welcome site. Unpack your sled and step into the warm interior; the next phase of the experience is about to begin.

We stop for a one hour tour of the world famous Ice Hotel. The hotel is built every year with ice brought from as far away as Montreal and features a disco, bar and a church!

Many trips offer an hour or two of dog sledding. This experience includes learning about how the dogs are cared for. The dogs live to pull the sled, and are they fast!

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