ultimate snowmobile vacation

The Snow Scooter Safari Snowmobiling Tour

At a Glance

Trip Duration
5 days/6 nights
Experience Required
People Per Snowmobile
Trail Time
8 hours/day
Equipment Rental Available


World-class trails, authentic experience, rustic chalet lodging

The Experience

The machine called a “snowmobile” in North America is often referred to as a “snow scooter” in many parts of Europe. The name of this trip seemed to be natural, as this trip has been designed to the tastes of our wide range of customers. A multi-faceted winter experience featuring rustic lodging, local food specialties, and a comfortable riding pace, this is the perfect balance between adventure and relaxation. The Snow Scooter Safari takes place in the Portneuf and Saguenay regions of Quebec, both of which are renowned for exceptional trail conditions and authentic accommodations along the way.

The Route

Microbrewey and hotel Roquemont in Saint-Raymond acts as the perfect launching point for this trip. The Quebec trail system is a comprehensive network of signed, maintained, and groomed trails extending to the most wild and natural regions of Quebec.

Venturing out each day with hard snow packed trails at your feet, this tour cruises at speeds between 40 and 60 mph. Wide trails, a variety of open and wooded terrain, and wildlife such as red foxes and moose all contribute to a scenic and dynamic snowmobile trip of a lifetime.

Trail 73 that runs from Hotel Roquemont to the town of La Tuque is a favorite of this trip, where fast sweeping turns shine with no road crossings in sight.

Québecois Lodging

After a full day of being outside in nature, a well-lit lodge is a welcome sight. Unpack your sled and step into the warm interior; the next phase of the experience is about to begin.

As a nod to the saddlebag tradition of our trips, each night is spent at a different lodge, often run by husband and wife. Some of these unique lodges are accessible only by snowmobile during the winter and generate their own electricity by solar, hydro, wind mill, or generator. Snowmobilers are welcomed with open arms at each accommodation, and there is no replacement for the warmth, hospitality, and generosity demonstrated by each owner and each employee. Straying from commercial hotels and formal dwellings, each inn evokes a sense of Quebecois authenticity where the owners are eager to show you to your room and serve you drinks and food themselves.

Auberge Presbytere

Formerly a minister’s house, this warm inn features a bar known as the ‘Confessional.’


Set on a lake 80 miles from the nearest town, this off-grid lodge is like no other.


This well-located outfitter features individual cabins and a large dining room run by engaging staff.

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