Snowmobile Guide: Gary Pruitt

I was introduced to snowmobiling at twelve years old by my father. The sleds of that time were very primitive, requiring lots of body language to keep them right side up and a large supply of parts and tools to keep them running. Between the riding and repairing of our “sleds,” a large amount of time was devoted to the sport and sledding became, and still is, a bond between my father, brother and I.

After ten years of snowmobiling in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont with my father and brother, a friend introduced us to Quebec. It was clear to me that Quebec was in fact a very special place. I was struck by the continuity and grooming of the trail system. I began to explore Quebec by snowmobile, learning about the many regions and the nuances of sledding in Quebec.

Over the years my passion for snowmobiling in Quebec has only intensified. In my view, there are a number of different feelings generated by a good day of snowmobiling. For example, sitting before the fireplace at the end of the day, recounting the day with people of different backgrounds and nationalities is one of many. The reaction of my friends as I introduced them to Quebec confirmed for me that others shared my view.

I began thinking about the idea of marketing professionally guided snowmobile tours, and my goal is to create unique and adventurous trips with an emphasis on exposing our clients to the culture and activities that Quebec is renowed for.

A first class snowmobile adventure is built with many ingredients. Knowing where to ride, as well as how to pick the best places to stay is important. Practicing and teaching safe snowmobiling techniques are critically important.

As a guide, my style tends to be laid back about most things, the exceptions involving issues of personal safety and promoting a responsible image to the non sledding community. My goal is to be flexible and show you the time of your life and I welcome real time feedback as to how you feel about the experience. I will likely interact with you in a casual manner and may even make a joke at your expense (feel free to do the same with me). I look forward to a great trip!

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