Frank's Big Bore Tour

ultimate snowmobile vacation

At a glance:

Trip duration: Six days/Seven nights
Experience required: Skilled only
People per snowmobile: One
Trail time: Up to nine hours per day
Equipment rental available: Yes
Highlights: World-class trails, big miles, aggressive riding, and more miles

2019 Frank's Big Bore Trip

If your idea of the ultimate snowmobile trip is one where the days are spent aggressively carving up the world's best trail system and nights enjoying a great dinner and a beer with new friends, this tour is for you.

The Big Bore Tour is a long distance trip without equal. The experience of riding seventy miles without stopping for a road crossing or encountering another rider can be thrilling. Lunch is served at a fully staffed "relais" located far enough into the park that the electricity is generated on site and the employees sleep there for weeks at a time.

If all goes as planned, by late afternoon we are within striking distance of the night’s destination.

Thirty-five years of Quebec Experience

A long distance trip is by its very nature a significant accomplishment when completed. Our approach involves maximizing the experience while minimizing the risk. In this effort, there is no substitute for experience. We have learned many lessons over the years; some significant, others not so much. All of which when combined, directly impact the way in which we conduct our trips. Whether it's a satellite phone to call for assistance or having a network of preferred service providers available, our experience in long distance touring makes a significant difference

big bore snowmobile vacation canada
big bore snowmobile vacation canada
big bore snowmobile vacation canada

Snowmobiling is a Two Billion Dollar Industry in Quebec

Have you grown tired of riding the same loops; dealing with high traffic and marginal conditions? Snowmobiling in Quebec is serious business. We never cover the same ground twice, so every mile is an adventure. When one has a twenty thousand mile interconnecting trail system to work with, the choices are many. The two hundred clubs do a fantastic job of consistently grooming and maintaining this vast trail system.

big bore snowmobile vacation canada
big bore snowmobile vacation canada

Long Winter Season

in the regions of Quebec that we ride, the season typically runs from early January through mid-March. The long season means plenty of snow for grooming, helping to create the world's best trail system.

Another benefit to consistent snow conditions is the ability to make long range plans to ride.

big bore snowmobile vacation canada
big bore snowmobile vacation canada

Trip Structure

Our trips are structured so that the riding capabilities of our clients are closely matched. This is critical to developing a group that works well together. We find that groups of six riders offer the best experience. Our trips are also designed to be interactive, meaning you will have input on how the trip is conducted. You will never feel as though you are merely "following the leader."

If your slef is not up for a long trip, consider renting a current year Ski-doo snowmobile. Our rental sleds come with a warm suit, helmet and trail permit. Power choices range from 60 - 130 horsepower.

Many friendships have been established on our trips. As one may expect, pranks and jokes are played from time to time and make for great memories and stories.

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